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Choose Our National SEMA Racking Inspectors

SEMA (Storage Association Manufacturers Association) are a highly regarded authority across the UK for their damage guidelines designed specifically for warehouse racking, storage facilities and much more. As part of your continuing strive to stay ahead of legislation, it’s integral that you have your racking checked and inspected once a week by a ‘competent person’.

At Rack Inspection Training we can help to train your staff to the required level that will make them your designated PRRS (Person responsible for racking safety). This important position requires professional training to ensure they’re competent enough to inspect and record the damage as per SEMA guidelines. Our national SEMA racking inspectors are experienced to cope with the challenges and dangers that spawn from poor racking and practice, and our training courses will guarantee your PRRS can spot any discrepancies.

Whether it’s a deformity in the construction of the pallet racking, consistently poor practice from your staff or there are any number of other problems, your PRRS will be able to spot it during their weekly inspections. Our team of national SEMA racking inspectors will give you the best chance of maintaining a safe and productive environment for all your staff.

Our training courses at Rack Inspection Training will bring your staff and, in turn, your premises to the highest of safety standards.

To find out more about our national SEMA racking inspectors, get in contact with us today.

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