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Book Our Rack Awareness Training Courses In The UK

The risks of poor practices when working around pallet racking are numerous. It only takes one mistake and one accident to cause a huge number of problems in the short and long-term.

Being aware of the surroundings you work within is vitally important to the safe running of any premises in the UK, especially when you consider the safety of your staff and your insurance.

At Rack Inspection Training we are a leading provider of rack awareness training in the UK which can help your workplace improve its safety and record any changes or damage.

What is involved in our rack awareness training in the UK?

The training course from start to finish is perfect for forklift drivers, supervisors, warehouse employees, managers and anyone else who regularly uses your racking.

Our rack awareness training will allow your staff to effectively notice and realise damage. Our team of SARIs (SEMA Approved Racking Inspectors) will explain the importance of using SEMA’s damage guidelines when inspecting any issues on your racking sections.

SEMA’s damage guidelines are based on a simple traffic light system. Green, amber and red are used to categorise the damage on each section of your racking. If your team can recognise an amber or red risk by inspecting your racking, you will be able to effectively keep your premises safe.

To discover more about our rack awareness training in the UK, speak with us today.


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